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Thomas Röhler Speerwurf Olympiasieger

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Jena, surrounded by the Kernberge mountains, I had an early dream of becoming an Olympian, or even better an Olympic Champion. Sports. I was a curious and athletic kid, so playing sports outdoors played a big role in my life ever since elementary school.

Although I started track and field in the 2nd grade, it was in the 5th that I took my first steps towards my elite sports journey when I attended the sports high school in Jena. It gave me the opportunity to do my favourite sport: track and field. Until the age of 17 I concentrated on jumping (triple jump and high jump) before switching to javelin in October 2009. My final year of high school was intense as I simultaneously worked towards graduation and my training volume was increased to focus on improving technique. My hard work paid off in 2010 when I made my first national team: this was a big step towards my dream of becoming an Olympian.

First there was a dream

Alongside my passion for sports, I developed a strong interest in business structures and entrepreneurial issues during my studies at the University in Jena. When I’m not training, I now get to use my education to develop funding elite sports, and offering innovative input for different enterprises.

In 2012, I won my first national title and then my career quickly took off when I was invited to compete in the 2013 IAAF Diamond League series. I live for the thrill of competition and the challenges of training while striving to be the best in the worlds. Shortly: I love what I do!

Eventually, my passion and dedication to work hard lead to my greatest sporting achievement.[one_half]

Thomas Röhler- Deutscher Speerwerfer in Rio 2016 Olympia Sieger im Speerwurf



  • Born 30.09.1991 in Jena Thuringia
  • Track an field athlete since 1998
  • Attended Johann Chr. Fr. Guts Muths Sports-Highschool in Jena
  • 2010 inclusion in the German Javelin Nationalteam
  • Partizipation in national and international competitions
  • 2011  successful A – levels
  • Pierre de Coubertin price 2011
  • Bachelor degree 2016
  • Master study at Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena
  • IAAF Athletes Commission member from 2018


Winning an Olympic Gold is maybe the most emotional moment I ever had

I always dreamt of becoming an Olympian, seeing the light of the torch burn, and competing amongst the worlds best athletes. August 20th, 2016 everything clicked at the right time, and I won the Rio Olympics. I had an indescribable moment of overwhelming emotion when I realized the years of workouts, dedication, focus and sacrifice had all been worth it.

European Champion 2018

Thomas Röhler Europameister Speerwurf feiert

Perform when the pressure is on. Under this motto was my start at the European Championships 2018. Five athletes had realistic the stuff to win. From the beginning, I clearly followed my game plan. Precise championship throwing. Adapted to the local wind conditions in the big stadium. I was rewarded with 5 throws that would have been enough to win and gold around my neck.



European Champion

  • 2nd IAAF Diamond Race
  • German Nationals / Nürnberg (GER) / 2nd place


93,90m best result

  • 2nd IAAF Diamond Race
  • 4th IAAF World Championships
  • German Nationals / Erfurt (GER) / 2nd place


Olympic Champion

  • Olympic Games / Rio de Janeiro (BRA) / 1st place
  • German Nationals / Kassel (GER) / 1st place


4th National title in a row

  • IAAF World Championships / Beijing (CHN) / 4th place
  • German Nationals / Nürnberg (GER) / 1st place


Diamond Race Winner

  • IAAF DIAMOND RACE / 1st place
  • Sainsbury’s Grand Prix / Glasgow (GBR) / 1st place
  • ‘Weltklasse’ / Zürich (CH) / 1st place
  • German Nationals / Ulm (GER) /1st place
  • European Cup Winterthrowing / Leiria (POR) / 2nd place
  • European Championships / Zürich (CH) / 12th place


First Diamond League appearance

  • European Cup Winterthrowing / Castellon (ESP) / 2nd place
  • European TeamchampionshipsGateshead (GER) / 2nd place
  • Bislett Games / Oslo (NOR) / 3rd place


First national title

  • German Championships / Wattenscheid (GER) / 1st place
  • German Championships under 23 / Kandel (GER) / 1st place
  • European Championships / Helsinki (FIN) / 13th place


The road to the top level

  • European Championships under 23 / Ostrava (CZE) / 7th place


First national team appearance

  • World Championships under 20 / Moncton (CAN) / 9th place


Having a fair and respectful competitorship is something very valuable.

Thomas Röhler - deutscher Speerwerfer und Olympiasieger hier bei der WM 2015 im Finale des Speerwerfen der Männer





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