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True to the motto athletes are made in winter, we are already in the middle of preparation training for the 2022 season towards my self-formulated big goal Paris 2024. The current aim is to build up a high level of fitness, i.e. training for training, so to speak.

Together with the coaching team, we are very happy to welcome training guests to the JenJavelin team again this year at the Oberaue javelin center. The exchange is more than joint training, it means great motivation and joint learning on all levels of our often still young athletes at the location. We are also planning a new, up-to-date networking of the medical team / physio and coaching so that new impulses from other areas find a permanent place in the weekly schedule.

Our team training camp on the Canary Islands at the beginning of December will be the first highlight and at the same time the first workout intensity peak. Until then – we will continue to work diligently. If you want to be there, just take a look at the Instagram stories.

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