Berlin is ready!

Berlin is ready!

Berlin is ready for the European Championships 2018. On the weekend the track and field world elites gathered in Berlin for the traditional ISTAF World Challenge meeting. The old and prestigious Olympic

Stadion was filled with life and great results. Almost 40.000 fans showed, that not only Berlins biggest football club is ready to move the Berlin crowd, but also the characters of our lovely sport.

Also for us javelin throwers the so important track surface was tested and I was able to find out that the blue track is also ready for good throwing at Berlin 2018. As I travelled to Berlin with some smaller ankle issues I’m very pleased finishing the season with 86m and a good 2nd rank at ISTAF. The feeling of still seeing the potentials and the great experiences throwing over 90m several times in 2017 motivates me a lot going into the new preparation period soon.

Me and my team will take the time now, making nice and steady long term plans to Berlin 2018 and for sure already looking towards Tokio 2020.

Speerwurf Berlin - Thomas Röhler mit Nordic Speer

Test for the javelin in Berlin 2018

Also the for us javelin throwers so important tartan track was put to the test and I could say that the tartan is ready for the home EM 2018. With slight foot problems, I’m satisfied with 86m and second place as my personal season finale. The feeling of ending the season with potential and positive experiences in the historical wide range over 90m and starting into a new preparation is motivating. The coming weeks will take my team and I to take some breath to start full-energy in preparing for 2018 and come a long way closer to the 2020 long-term goal of Tokyo.


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