On home turf in Jena – Javelin Festival

On home turf in Jena – Javelin Festival

Great it was. A two day javelin festival, like our region hasn’t seen before . Beeing both athlete and manager the 10th and 11th of June 2017 was very special to me. For sure it was not that easy combining all the duties of organizer and athlete, but the overall result was very much wort it!

With more than 60 athletes, 45 kids in the TurboJav Cup and over 1500 guests on Sunday we are very happy. Following me and my team travel to Turku World Challenge in a very good mood, as well as a bit exhausted.

IAAF World Challenge Turku 2017

IAAF World Challenge Turku 2017

Yesterday the IAAF World Challenge stopped in Turku. At 12 degree Celsius and soaking wet conditions all athletes needed to warm-up a bit longer then usual to find their form. I accepted the challenge of 4 competitions in 9 days and ended up with a controlled competition from round 2.

Today my Team and I head north to Kuortane. On Saturday we’ll see the next elite competition on historic javelin ground.



Cracker at the first competition of the Diamond League season 2017, IAAF Diamond League Doha. With 93,90m I was able to set a new German javelin throw record.

IAAF Diamond League Doha

Traditionally at the beginning of the season, the first edition of the IAAF Diamond League took place in the desert state of Doha. A competition with a special atmosphere. Because the audience, which is mostly made up of guest workers, is more alive than almost any other worldwide comparison. So the mood seethes with wild rhythms in the already hot desert climate.

IAAF Diamond League Doha Deutscher Speerwurf Rekord von Thomas Röhler

German record in the 4th attempt

After a solid start and a close exchange of blows with my German javelin throw teammate Johannes Vetter, I was able to achieve a historic distance in the first attempt of the final. With the Nordic Sport Champion Carbon Spear in my hand, I started faster than in lap 3 and was able to shoot the spear cleanly into the warm evening air. The record distance was measured by the referee team of the IAAF Diamond League Doha at 93,90m. What a wow effect for me and the euphoric TV and radio speakers in all countries, as can clearly be heard and seen in the video.

Thomas Roehler _ deutscher Rekord _neuer deutscher Speerwurf Rekord bei der IAAF Diamond League Doha

Javelin throw record and rank 2 of the eternal world bestseller

No German thrower had thrown the 800g spear ever further with the new focus. The width of 93.90 meters meant historic in the javelin. New German record and 2nd place in the eternal world bestseller with the new spear behind the legendary world record holder Jan Zelezny.

Luckily no javelin throw accident with cameraman

You do not have to look too closely to see the danger in the video. A cameraman had tremendous luck with the record javelin throw. The camera position was set in the middle of the field to about 94,50m width, so remained when the landing of the spear to Cameroon little protective landing space for the spear. In the coming competitions, the cameramen will have to move a little further to prevent a possible javelin accident from the outset.

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