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Whenever sports and business coaching intersect, motivation and inspiration is a key. From my experience in a sport that requires a high amount of dedication, technical knowledge and a bit of risk, many of factors that play into creating asuccessful project or team.

Beeing passionate about something is not a skill, it’s something deep inside

Resources are something that can be developed, it just takes some time and funding to get started. High performance sports truly show us how crucial it is to find and use the right resources. A long-term vision, innovative decisions and risk management leads to a successful program.

Being the best innovative decisions & risk management


Thomas Röhler Keynote Speaker Motivation Innovation

Working with motivated people at different events inspires me. I enjoy working with schools and youth in order to pass on my knowledge and experience to the next generation. When we share our strengths, we can achieve more.

Olympic values like fairplay, dedication and respect

are more valuable than winning. In my opinion, sport is the best way to connect with people from different areas, whether in a social or sporting context.

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