Coaching weekend in Gothenburg

On the weekend, my trainer Harro Schwuchow, veteran Petra Felke with son Tom and I were in Gothenburg. Javelin development in Sweden was on the to-do list. 100 athletes and coaches came and experienced coaching of the extra class.

Details make masters

3 hours were scheduled to start in the seminar room during the weekend. It fit. 2h lecture. Technical details, planning and life as a champion. Then questions were asked. Things that seem commonplace to us at the JenJavelin Center are new territory. Other content is discussed. A wonderful international exchange in the sense of Win Win for all.

The how and why

How to define how without questioning why? That rarely works. The talents need to know why a spear can fly. What dangers exist, why should one or the other be deepened in training. Sweden has many talents, no question, now they are also to hunt spears at world-class level.

Expand the toolbox

An athlete is not formed within 3 days. Rather, it is to give suggestions, trigger food for thought and raise questions. In the practical part, our team from Jena, from the Jenjavelin Center among the core mountains, has compiled a catalog of practical exercises. Basics up to elite variants in coordinative training of young athletes.

Biomechanics must be

Anders Borgström, himself coach and mentor of the sport with the long throwing device, took over the biomechanical part for us. Difficult formulas were understandably broken down to a level of athletes and coaches. Ready-to-use Javelin Throwing knowledge. Everything in the sense of a positive international development of the sport.

Being better means shifting boundaries

So much easier in the team, no matter how difficult the challenge. We’ve put together a CrossFit High Intensity Circle to see how a wildly mixed team works under high load. Well. Little loud, but determined energetic progress. Nordic.

Thanks to a good cooperation with NordicSport, we were able to motivate the top 3 teams with some javelin throwing shopping. Modern incentives are important, as we have already learned in Finland. Read more here.

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