Diamond League 2018

Diamond League 2018

Also in 2018, the IAAF International Athletics Meetings Series, the Diamond League, is the measure of global top contests. The javelin of the men can be found on 5 stages of the 14 meetings.
It starts this year in Doha, followed by Eugene, Rabat, Birmingham and Zurich. The clear goal is to win the Diamond League overall ranking, as in 2014.

The competition mode of the Diamond League

In 4 of the 5 meetings, points are collected first. The winner receives 8 points, place 2 7 and so on up to the 8th place of each competition. At the final of the Diamond League in Zurich then meet the 8 throwers or athletes who could achieve the maximum points in the season.

The highlight – in Zurich, the points are set to zero and it is an open competition for the coveted Diamond Trophy! In 2017 I had to settle for second place due to this mode, despite a much higher starting point number. That’s the sport, and for the spectator the mode offers maximum excitement until the last throw!

The Diamond League on TV

A tiresome topic in Germany. In 2018, the Diamond League can only be received via Eurosport II HDxtra, a Eurosport pay TV service. In long discussions with different TV stations it becomes clear that the transmission volume of a TV format is not closely related to the interest of the spectators in a sport. Turnover figures from 2012 determine the tone and the budget here. Athletes fans have to switch to foreign formats and online services again this year to follow the achievements of their heroes.

Diamond League Doha – 04.05.2018

With 91.78m I was able to celebrate an optimal season debut at the Diamond League in Doha. At the same time we experienced a novelty on the podium with 3 throwers over 90m! Thanks to good preparation and great individual performances, it was possible for us as a German spear throwing team to celebrate this historic success.

Besides Track in Doha

Diamond League Eugene – 25./26.05.2018

Tracktown USA, mit 89m konnte ich den Sieg holen und die volle Punktzahl ergattern.

Besides Track in Eugene

Diamond League Rabat – 13.06.2018

Rabat, Marokko, mit 85m lag ich bis Runde 6 auf einem soliden 2. Rang, doch dann noch auf Rang 4 knapp durchgereicht. Riskiert und dabei zwei sehr gute Würfe an den Wind verloren, das passiert und motiviert für mehr!

Besides Track in Rabat

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