Good food matters – New partner KoRo

Good food matters – New partner KoRo

Yes, healthy and valuable nutrition counts for me. Thanks to natural, mineral, nutrient-rich and vitamin-rich food you can recover better and work faster again with full

New in the Team

Someone who follows my Instagram channel discovered the first posts a few weeks ago in cooperation with the KoRo food drugstore from Germany. The company from Berlin stands for culinary variety of our planet and would like to inspire people to a conscious way of life. Superb.

Koro Kokoswasser

Superfoods in large scale

I suppose many of you also have one or the other favorite superfood or special ingredient that is otherwise difficult to find during normal weekly shopping. Mostly in small containers at great prices. Thanks to KoRo, I now have large packs in the kitchen. Quality thanks to low levels of trade almost directly from the farmer comes to us. On the website of KoRo you can also follow the price history of all products live. Transparency is therefore not only important in terms of quality.

New category – Food

To let you participate in my culinary discovery tours or even everyday food hacks, there is now the new blog category “Food”. So you are looking for my recipe ideas or Insides from the food sector even faster at the finish. Together with KoRo I will introduce you to favorite recipes and SuperFoods to inspire you a little bit from my kitchen.

Koro Pekanüsse detail

My November favorite: Pecan Nuts

Pecan trees are closely related to our native walnut and are mostly cultivated in North America as well as Australia, Brazil, Israel, Peru and China. The nuts taste similar to the well-known walnut, in my view almost a little finer. Hearty, nutty.

As a Thuringian I love fresh baked goods, in muffins, cookies and in the Hefezopf makes the pecan a great figure. Of course, as a cereal topping a delicious alternative to almonds and cashews.

From the point of view of trace elements, the North American nut is a great source of zinc and the essential vitamin B1 for energy production.

You can find the big pack from KoRo here

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