IAAF Continental Cup 2018

IAAF Continental Cup 2018

On 09.09. I started the second time in 2018 in Ostrava. In the really well-filled stadium many international athletes celebrated their season finale. It was about points, places and prestige.

Place 1 and full score

The competition mode presented new challenges to all athletes in technical disciplines. How much should I risk? Risk is one of the core identities of the throw and jump. The first 3 rounds still allow small mistakes, as you won against your continental team colleagues, then every throw counted to get maximum points! Confident and with metered risk I threw 87,07m, a daily best and won the fight for the victory against the team Asia-Pacific.

Great atmosphere and team rank 2

Top athletics in Ostrava not only entices die-hard fans into the stadium. Enthusiastically, crowds of schoolchildren, families and people from various classes cheered the athletes of the continents. Corresponding videos and selfies of the young fans could of course be discovered in social media.

The home team Europe finished in 2nd place behind Team Americas. (262/233/188/142) Asia-Pacific and Africa go into winter break on 3 and 4.

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