IAAF World Challenge Turku 2019

An island as a price? Insane? Or just an expression of the appreciation of our sport in Finland, the home of keihäs. For the 6th time, the international competition calendar led me to Turku on the Finnish archipelago.

2nd place with 86,33m

After exhausting days with the international javelin development in Jena (JenJavelin) and a short recovery, I was able to compete in the most stable competition of the 2019 season. With 4 throws over 85m and two over 86m the desired stability in this enormously long season comes. Wide throws still have time, it is in October to be top fit.

Medial in the limelight

Visits in Finland are already traditional in the season plan, and afterwards. For conferences and coaching relationships are maintained and worked together on the same passion. That arrives and fills me with pride. The nation that stands for the javelin wants to know more, who learn stories before and behind wide throws.

Thomas Röhler Media talk Turku 2019

Market awareness as in German football

After 1.5h not yet out of the stadium? And that without doping test? No problem in Finland, selfies, autographs and short talks, fans of all ages love their heroes with the spear. Why? The thing has tradition and there is a very special degree of recognition of sporting achievements. Unlike in the rest of Europe, that’s for sure. Ice hockey and athletics show exceptional numbers on TV, with 800,000 people watching the meeting in Turku alone in Finland. On the population counted an insanity that packs in Germany no jungle camp primetime.

Thomas Röhler at Paavp Nurmi Games

Thumbs up to the future

The javelin is experiencing a strong international time, the generation of 90m throwers can be said. But where do the Finnish youngsters ask themselves some. They are coming. Toni Kuusela and Oliver Helander, who caused a furore as early as 2018, put young talents in the limelight. Personally, this situation pleases me because I care about the nation of the Keihäs (Finnish: Speer). The development here is important for the culture of our event.

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