My 6pack guarantee

My 6pack guarantee

In cooperation with FitForFun Germany I’m happy to present you a 10 video series from November 2017 to
March 2018.

In the first series I want to concentrate on what are my favourites to built a functional based 6 pack that helps us staying stable at all movements.

A strong core is the basis of every succesful movement

Looking at the forces and thereby needs of my event, the javelin throw, it’s evident that we do need good abdominis skills in a strong but dynamic way. The following exercise nicely involves all parts of the core area. All options are dynamic with excentric parts to get the most effective workout.

Training mit Thomas Röhler: Effiziente Übung für die Bauchmuskeln

Du möchtest etwas für deine Bauchmuckis tun? Speerwurf Olympiasieger Thomas Röhler zeigt dir eine Übung, mit der du nicht nur den geraden Bauchmuskel, sondern auch die seitliche und tiefe Bauchmuskulatur effektiv trainieren kannst.

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Posted by FIT FOR FUN on Montag, 13. November 2017

For sure the exercises and options shown in the video are only one small part of my daily abdominis routines, but for sure a good puzzle part for all workout lovers.


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