My Eightpack exercises with the kettlebell

My Eightpack exercises with the kettlebell

Thanks to your help on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK, this blog post is dedicated to some abdominal and torso training details. As the article on the javelin throw technique clearly shows, a javelin thrower must always be able to realize many stable movement sequences
in a minimal amount of time under enormous time pressure. This makes the throwing technique and accordingly, training exercises and exercise equipment in the high performance area must be carefully selected.

First six-pack, then eight-pack?

Quite similar to my preparation for the season, we are gradually working on the really exciting and complex abdominal training variants. With a circle of 4 SitUp Basics which the straight, lateral and lower abdominal muscles are addressed I prepare myself after a long “belly break” in the direction of fresh six pack.

  • 4 rounds (no break)
  • 4 variable SitUp exercises without additional load / 20 reps

In this combination, the abdominals begin to burn properly from round 2 onwards. Exactly the effect I am looking for basics.

What does Eightpack actually mean? Are not 6 hills enough? In the high performance sector, we see less the optics than the performance, but here we have a desirable overlap. Are all abdominal muscle parts up to the serratus muscle fine and well-trained, my body is optimally prepared for the enormous forces of 90m throws.

Special abdominal training

In order to prepare the abdominal muscles and trunk, which we like to consider as a unit in training, to the special and intensive loads in the throwing, however, other guns than the basics have to be raised. I like to work with rotation, instability, acceleration and deceleration. For this purpose, barbell bars, medicine balls, weights and more kettlebells are used.

SuprFit Kettlebell

Eightpack exercises with the kettlebell

KettleBells are hugely versatile training aids and suitable for beginners and professionals alike for a highly intensive training. Personally, I take care to use high quality gear to avoid blisters on my fingers. At SuprFit (see picture) I am quite satisfied and would recommend the colorful KettleBells immediately.

KettleBell swings

With the KettleBell swing both arm or single arm we exercise several muscle groups. The legs take over the basic acceleration, which is pursued via the spinal extensor. The shoulders stabilize the weight overhead. Then it becomes interesting: over the actively tense abs, the accelerated weight is trapped with a straight back, with a slight swing between the shoulder-width put legs.

  • 4 series / 10-15 reps
  • Variation: one-arm and leg changes
  • Weight: individual and controlled
  • Professional variant with partner: Rep: 2/2/3/3/4/4 … 20/20 … until one partner is sore

Thomas Röhler Bauchmuskeltraining Sixpack Kettlebell

Side lifting of the KettleBell

To address the lateral abdominal muscles, the KettleBell is held like a grocery bag with an arm, stretched next to the hip. The upper body is slowly bent laterally with a straight head. When we reach the maximum of motion, we get upright and the upper body is bent to the other side.

  • 4 series / 10 Wdh each side
  • Weight: to increase with clean execution (up to 40kg or more feasible)

The focus is on the slow sideways lowering!

Eccentric exercises make you strong

Movement forms are classified in the type of muscle work involved in overcoming (concentric), holding (isometric) and yielding (eccentric) movement patterns. In classic abdominal training, you can often see overcoming exercises such as SitUp variations or crunshes on the device. Have you ever wondered why gymnasts usually have an enormous eight pack? No? Then observe the elements of gymnastics, it is held much, accelerated and braked again. This is where isometrics (holding) and eccentric (braking under load) definitely come into play. In order to prepare ourselves for the high-acting forces in the javelin throw, we make targeted use of the last-mentioned working methods of the musculature.

All forms of turns, whether straight, sideways, one or two-armed mean acceleration and controlled braking with additional load and the effect of gravitational acceleration on weight, which should not be underestimated.

Attention control

For all full-body work is still important to consciously use the targeted musculature. A sloppy repetition is not a repetition for me and must be carried out correctly and concentrated again. If you have problems to target specific muscle groups in the training uses a trick: From in front of the mirror or together with a partner, individual muscle parts are tense and the tension felt. If that works, there are no obstacles to complex exercises.

Kettlebell Training

Nice side effects

Gripping force conditioning, Cardio aspects and explosive strength are just a few of the positive side effects of whole body training with the KettleBell. As described in the introduction, my training must be adapted to the coordination loads of the javelin throw. Anyone who once caught clean and controlled 40kg in the 18th attempt in the second round of a CtossFit circle in the swing from holding high will immediately agree with me that also coordinative aspects in load situations play a major role. I personally love this challenge and appreciate the results. Performance before weight increase, with all orientation to intensity and challenge, one thing should not be forgotten: A correct execution of the exercise always takes precedence over the choice of weight! In all KettleBell assortments, there is enough room for custom weights for each exercise and level of training. Let yourself be filmed by your team member or coach at Kettlebell Swing. Is the back upright, does the position of the knees fit in relation to the position of the feet? Are the arms well stretched? If you keep track of everything, nothing can go wrong and it’s time to increase repetitions, weights or exercise variation. New stimuli also bring us forward in abdominal muscle training. 5000 SitUps will not make an eight pack for a long time – creativity, intensity and variety make the hills grow.

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