NSAF Javelin Gold Clinic – Phoenix 2018

The NSAF, a US non-profit organization for the promotion of young athletes, organizes different events each season in order to promote the athletes to the top of the world. Under the direction of Tom Pukstys, multiple US Champion with the spear, this time it went to Phoenix in the sun of Arizona. Beside me was also Raymond Hecht, former world-class athlete, in the coaching team.

No sweat no…

Those who train under my guidance will quickly get to know the character of competitive sports. Full concentration and intense workouts. So also in Arizona. Over 60 athletes were each moved, guided and inspired on 4 days. A unique opportunity and formative experience was reported by many of the participants.

Pure motivation

Good vibes. That brings it very well to the point. The athletes from the USA and Canada had different sports backgrounds, which made the coaching work exciting and varied for me. In addition to throws were also other forms of exercise from medicine ball throws to hand stand walks on the program.


Together, all athletes felt a certain sense of awakening. The thirst for action and pride spread. Being part of the spearworm family is something special, as all participants agreed. I am sure that a positive development of the javelin throw overseas will also have a positive effect on our events and attention.


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