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Thomas Röhler mit Speer

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Jena, surrounded by the Kernberge mountains, I had an early dream of becoming an Olympian, or even better an Olympic Champion. Sports. I was a curious and athletic kid, so playing sports outdoors played a big role in my life ever since elementary school.

Although I started track and field in the 2nd grade, it was in the 5th that I took my first steps towards my elite sports journey when I attended the sports high school in Jena. It gave me the opportunity to do my favourite sport: track and field. Until the age of 17 I concentrated on jumping (triple jump and high jump) before switching to javelin in October 2009. My final year of high school was intense as I simultaneously worked towards graduation and my training volume was increased to focus on improving technique. My hard work paid off in 2010 when I made my first national team: this was a big step towards my dream of becoming an Olympian.

First there was a dream

Alongside my passion for sports, I developed a strong interest in business structures and entrepreneurial issues during my studies at the University in Jena. When I’m not training, I now get to use my education to develop funding elite sports, and offering innovative input for different enterprises.

In 2012, I won my first national title and then my career quickly took off when I was invited to compete in the 2013 IAAF Diamond League series. I live for the thrill of competition and the challenges of training while striving to be the best in the worlds. Shortly: I love what I do!

Eventually, my passion and dedication to work hard lead to my greatest sporting achievement.

Thomas Röhler Rio 2016 Olympic Champion at medal ceremony


  • Born 30.09.1991 in Jena Thuringia
  • Track an field athlete since 1998
  • Attended Johann Chr. Fr. Guts Muths Sports-Highschool in Jena
  • 2010 inclusion in the German Javelin Nationalteam
  • Partizipation in national and international competitions
  • 2011  successful A – levels
  • Pierre de Coubertin price 2011
  • Bachelor degree 2016
  • Master study at Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena
  • IAAF Athletes Commission member from 2018

Winning an Olympic Gold is maybe the most emotional moment I ever had

I always dreamt of becoming an Olympian, seeing the light of the torch burn, and competing amongst the worlds best athletes. August 20th, 2016 everything clicked at the right time, and I won the Rio Olympics. I had an indescribable moment of overwhelming emotion when I realized the years of workouts, dedication, focus and sacrifice had all been worth it.



93,90m best result

  • 2nd IAAF Diamond Race
  • 4th IAAF World Championships
  • German Nationals / Erfurt (GER) / 2nd place


Olympic Champion

  • Olympic Games / Rio de Janeiro (BRA) / 1st place
  • German Nationals / Kassel (GER) / 1st place


4th National title in a row

  • IAAF World Championships / Beijing (CHN) / 4th place
  • German Nationals / Nürnberg (GER) / 1st place


Diamond Race Winner

  • IAAF DIAMOND RACE / 1st place
  • Sainsbury’s Grand Prix / Glasgow (GBR) / 1st place
  • ‘Weltklasse’ / Zürich (CH) / 1st place
  • German Nationals / Ulm (GER) /1st place
  • European Cup Winterthrowing / Leiria (POR) / 2nd place
  • European Championships / Zürich (CH) / 12th place


First Diamond League appearance

  • European Cup Winterthrowing / Castellon (ESP) / 2nd place
  • European TeamchampionshipsGateshead (GER) / 2nd place
  • Bislett Games / Oslo (NOR) / 3rd place


First national title

  • German Championships / Wattenscheid (GER) / 1st place
  • German Championships under 23 / Kandel (GER) / 1st place
  • European Championships / Helsinki (FIN) / 13th place


The road to the top level

  • European Championships under 23 / Ostrava (CZE) / 7th place


First national team appearance

  • World Championships under 20 / Moncton (CAN) / 9th place


Having a fair and respectful competitorship is something very valuable.





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