Short and Intense – Circuit training

Short and Intense – Circuit training

Crossfit or circuit training? For me, there is no difference in this wordplay. Much more I see in both formulations, the innermost concept of exciting, exhausting and effective workouts that bring me forward in the javelin throw.

The possibilities of variation are enormous

Circuit training offers me enormous possibilities of variation, which we specifically use in our annual planning. Whether intensity, complexity or the exertion level in the individual exercise, small adjustments can be used to set new stimuli. Training goals can be achieved faster with the help of intensive exercises. That means more success with less or the same amount of time.

A circuit training to participate

I designed exclusively for the FitForFun Germany the Crossfit circle presented in the following video. It combines elements of my training for long throw and a solid balance, but also does not disregard variations for different starting levels.

To illustrate the complexity of the javelin throw

The aim of each of my training sessions is to illustrate the complexity of the competition (javelin throwing). Workouts, like the one presented above, help my trainer and me to achieve an optimal fine tuning in the most rough training and condition training. During the course of the season, individual exercises are canceled, others are added, others are adjusted in their additional burdens. Yes, even in the middle of the competition season one or the other circuit training is carried out. It helps me stay in balance and just makes sense in line with the high mental demands of intensive technical training.

Use known exercises

Thomas Röhler im Crossfit Training im Speerwurf Trainingslager

Circuit training is easy to assemble and leaves no limits to creative freedom.

I am happy to assist in choosing an 80/20 structure from known exercises, e.g. like the exercises for the six-pack from one of the last posts. 20% are completely new challenges that often arise only when building the Crossfit circle and are integrated directly.


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