The Q7 experience

The Q7 experience

Weather is getting much colder these days and my car from Autohaus Fischer in Jena had to undergo some winter maintainance. Dealing with risks all day
in sport and beeing a long term planning one I consider car safety as a very important issue. As Olympians need to be here and there each day they handed me the keys of a brand new Audi Q7 to test drive.

Dealing with risks all day I know the value of precautions

Knowing the Q7 is not the cheapest car there is I was really expecting a lot when heading for a first drive. Equipped with a 3.0 motor and air suspension driving is super comfortable. First I was a bit concerned about finding the right parking spot on a crowded Friday afternoon but things went fine and the big Audi turned out to be easy to handle.

Most improtant: “A javelin fits in easily”

After one day maintainace I downgraded again to my car and I’m happy to be ready to drive safely with fresh winter tires. Did you already check yours?

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