Throws, throws and throws – But not only with the javelin

Throws, throws and throws – But not only with the javelin

The past 10 days me and my team went tot he Canary Islands. Almost traditionally we stayed at Club La Santa seeking the sun for good preparations in the London World Championship season.

Gushing winds made all throwing sessions a real challange, but people said that there are windy conditions in London quite often – so a great prepatation of the upcoming competitions. The team decided that challanges are very important beside throwing. The MDR (a regional TV station) who chasd us, will send a report on Monday the 13th at 7 pm. At the same time we worked on a new hand stand parcour.





Besides the throws in stadium, we did throws on the shoreline, instead throwing with the javelin we used the fishing rod. It was a real challange under heavy wind and splashy conditions. Seeking the „perfect throw“ and relaxation we went to the shoreline and the rocks on the Atlatic Ocean.

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