Training with the Stars

Traditionally, the meeting organizers of the Diamond League in Zurich have made it their mission to bring the stars to the talents of the sport. So my way led me to Aarau in Switzerland two days ago.

VIP travel with the helicopter

Thomas Röhler am Helikopter

16:30 we went together with Johan Blake and the world class SocialMedia team in the helicopter in the direction of Aarau. After a flight time of 20 minutes and a little bit of fun by the pilot, we landed safely in the middle of about 200 enthusiastic athletics talents.

Two groups and a lot of fun

Supported by the local club and two other Swiss top athletes, after a short warm-up we started immediately. 4 Groups, focus throws and sprint – matching the invited top stars of the scene. At our station we have balls and hoops as targets to practice a clean ball throw. At first a little bit imitation, then throws. Simple and suitable for the young talents of the Aarau region.

Thomas Röhler beim Even in Aarau

Thomas Röhler bei der Erwärmung mit den Kids

Autographs for all

As in the past year, the Aarau kids and fans were hot on autographs of their role models and so we spent some time at the autograph tent. With a vigorous laola of the kids, we were returned to the hands of the helicopter pilot who flew us safely through the sunset to Zurich.

Thomas Röhler Autogrammstunde

Thomas Röhler beim Fanbild

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