Trainingcamp II in Belek and Season Start

We have successfully completed the second training camp of direct preparation. Within 11 days, the top sports center and Hotel Gloria Sports Arena in Belek – Turkey were purposefully organized. Extensive throwing units and explosive strength training alternated.

Better in the team

Tom Pabst mit Speer
Tom Pabst

I was particularly pleased that my JenJavelin Team training colleagues, Tom Pabst and Maurice Voigt (both u20), together with our coach had the opportunity to complete their first major training camp. For me, this meant incentives in weight training and a lot of joy in meticulous mud training. Unlike some top athletes, I like to share my coach, so I was able to observe or help shape some units from the sideline. That brings change in the hard training everyday.

Maurice Voigt with javelin
Maurice Voigt and coach Harro Schwuchow

Lots of throws

Almost 800 throws, that was less the plan, but rather the result of 11 days in the sun. Great turf conditions made it possible to train high intensities at lower loads. A great combination to hone on technical details. Likewise, we are preparing for a very long 2019 World Cup season, so intensities are planned close to the start of the season. It should be created a long-lasting base of the benefits in the season.

Sore in week two

No matter how good the shape and fitness of the winter is – after 8 days of training and only half an exercise-free day the body cries for a little rest. Soreness is spreading, even top athletes have this after years. Even the physiotherapist can do no miracles. After another half day on the beach, relaxed with the team, it is usually better – definitely very motivated, but the pulling in the muscular system comes back quickly, no question – after all, we speak of the famous second camp week.

Via Shanghai and Nanjing into the season

The 2019 competition season starts in China for me. First Diamond League in Shanghai on May 18th, then continue by train to Nanjing. Here the first station of the IAAF World Challenge awaits on 21.05. on me. Surely you can follow the travels in the social media!

Thomas Röhler in Training Belek drinking

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