Working out efficient these days

Working out efficient these days

At the Moment working out means spending quite some time in the gym. Besides some different events with local and nationals brands there is sometimes not a lot of time for long gym sessions.

This is why working out more efficient became more and more important since August 2017.

Flexibility and a strong mind set is usually all you need to not get stressed when time slots are tight. Yesterday for example I started a nice weightlifting session at 7:30, at that is no problem if you prepare things right.

Waking up early helps me to prepare a good morning session

as I need some time to enjoy my everyday breakfast before entering the gym. My kind of efficiency understanding means – not senseless time consuming.

Efficient sessions in detail

With the European championships in mind sessions need to be as good as can be, so killing lines from the training plan is no solution. What to do so?

Over the last 3 years I learned to workout with less breaks and more repetitions in less time, all in all the CrossFit kind of intensity in most sessions. To workout more efficient you should try to focus on your favouritre exercises and the musts. Putting them togehter in a tight circle, mixed with less breaks will get the intensity on a higher level. Some might be concerned to loose maximum strength to endurance…trust an all speed related athlete – that will not happen if you do things right. Doing things right means to not cheat decreasing weights to get the rounds done quicker. Better is the option to kill one round rather then decreasing any weight.

A decent rest becomes more important

In the first weeks you’ll feel a bit more fatique than usual, which is perfectly fine as long as you listen to your body and give it the time it takes to refill ressources.

TRX Slingtrainer Thomas Röhler beim effizient trainieren



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