Youth training with the worlds bests

Youth training with the worlds bests

Yesterday I had the opportunity to accompany a children’s training in Basel as part of the activities of the Weltklasse Meetings in Zurich. More specifically, the event “Youth trains with world class”

Together with 3 other elite athletes from Switzerland and Côte d’Ivoire as well as many diligent helpers, we have moved and inspired almost 150 children.

By helicopter to Basel

To get to the kids, several helicopters were chartered, which all athletes distributed throughout Switzerland. The road led me to Basel.

Throw enthusiastically

At 2 stations was thrown. One under the direction of Geraldine Ruckstuhl, the other under my supervision. Playfully, we have nourished ourselves with balls of the very complex throwing motion. Even if it does not immediately go to the so majestic spear throwing all kids excited. Definitely the movement is complicated, but with playful exercises presented quickly light up the eyes of young talents. Especially when the ball or howler rocket flies the right way for the first time.

Thomas Röhler erklärt die Wurfbewegung

The focus is on joy and motivation

The concept of offering a certain “more” during a top meeting has proved its worth not only in Jena at the JenJavelin Festival. In Zurich, with the help of sponsors, exciting activities for young talents have been created for years. The kids from all over Switzerland get the chance to experience world-class athletes up close and I’m sure they all take a huge dose of motivation from their encounters with them.


Autographs until the pen smokes

After the joint training, the organizers had given a great autograph opportunity. So every child could take home a personal memory. Whether bottle, shirt or start number – everything was signed until the pins were smoking and the young athletes all happily stood at the helicopter launch pad to say goodbye to athletes back to Zurich.

Thomas Röhler Autogrammstunde





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