Trainingcamp in South Africa

Stable climate, an international training environment, hardly any time adjustment and an ingenious training ground. All this has already awaited us this year for the second time in the training camp in South Africa,
more precisely in NWU Pukke in Potchefstroom.

Training on perfect grass surfaces

Training on grass allows to drive different and very high intensities in different training contents. This year, we did a lot of spear throws, as the training camp in South Africa was my first opportunity to do engineering throws after the September season.

Due to the intensive tradition in cricket, the South Africans understand the art of optimal sports lawns.

Varied training

Already on Facebook and in the Instagram stories you had the opportunity to pursue my varied daily routine. Here you can see one of the video clips from the social media:

More clips from throw, pure, slackline and co can be found on Facebook and Instagram as usual.

The team in the training camp in South Africa

Javelin in South Africa? Yes, and how! In addition to the German Athletics national team, the elite teams from the Czech Republic and Estonia met to prepare for the 2018 season. For me and my coach Harro Schwuchow of the team JenJavelin an optimal network node for innovation and opportunity for the expansion of the JenJavelin Festival starting fields.

Safari and the Big Five?

Unfortunately, no. As you know, I am an avid outdoor and nature man, but the safari remains in the training camp little time. The geographical location of Potchefstroom makes safaris hardly possible anyway without enormous travel costs. Leisure time during the day is often spent at the pool of the sports accommodation and in the evening it often goes to the student city to eat delicious steaks. Even the ice cream in a café in Potchefstroom can be enjoyed as a small reward!




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