Thomas Röhler Olympiasieger

JenJavelin festival and training week

88 athletes from 15 nations met on 30.06. in the Jenaer Oberaue to celebrate a festival of worldwide uniqueness. Just one week before the main competitions, 50 javelin throw enthusiasts
met on the JenJavelin team’s call for intensive preparation and exchange.

Training ground or competition site

In close cooperation with the city of Jena, the LC Jena and the company MONDO from Italy, a sports complex became a true premium competition venue in the Jena Oberaue. At hot 30 degrees, the athletes gave everything and were able to achieve some best on two competition days.

Strong winds unfortunately did not affect the flight of a variety of spears positively. With 85m, I finished second behind Andreas Hofmann.

Athlete and Organisator

Being an active and an organizer is a challenge, no question. However, I take this extra effort for the third year in a row on me and I like to do it. In the training camp I learn myself while teaching and sharing with other athletes and coaches. At the event, I can give it back and shape what makes up my sport. An atmospheric co-existence, detailed good conditions for the athletes and the special something for all spectators.

ZEISS Kids Schlagballcup 2018

It was important to me and the team of the LC Jena eV also a close connection of the department Children’s Athletics to the event. At the first ZEISS Kids Schlagballcup, the 80g throwing ball was used to fight for bests in 4 competition classes. As prizes athletes between 4 and 11 have won medals and cups. But I think it was even more special in front of over 600 spectators in the Oberaue.




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