Thomas Röhler Olympiasieger

New website online

Slingtrainer und Thomas Röhler im Training

more workouts,…

My new website shell leave more space to give you all a deeper insight into my favourite workouts.




more background stories

Olympians have a lot to tell.  On the new sites the reader can easily access via categories to explore issues maybe skipped on TV or in the news.



Thomas Röhler - Speaker Vortrag mit Karteikarte im Anzug

more future

Track and Field is part and core of sports, but what is sport and how will it be defined in 15 years. What importnace do jumping rope and jump boxes have in a turbulent society? What influence can elite sports make on a succesful und healthy workinh environment.  Those and other recent questions will be reflected in the future category.



more lifestyle, food and photography

Healthy living, favourite recipes, adventures and interesting issues on the way to Tokio 2020 will be published in the new online content. Like many of you know I’m an avid photographer besides track and I’m planning to get you more insights in those projects.

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