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The enthusiasm of flying and letting fly

Pure physics? Limitless calculation or at least a part of being? Flying bothers me. Not only the flight of the spear fascinates me. To move forward, we have to think outside the box. All the more I am pleased to have a partner with Rotorvoxand Flight Designfrom Eisenach in Thuringia, who constantly develops the entire expertise of flying in a network.

About birds and hunters

In my lectures, I like to speak of instinctive motivation. The self-running, still stored experience from past times of our ancestors. We were hunters, warriors and survivalists. But everything started on land or water, we were never at home in the air. Too heavy, no wings too central a mass? No matter. Flying is and was never designed for humans.

Even toddlers look spellbound to the sky when birds gracefully and in the face of everyday life with the clouds in the sky. Fly excited because we can not do it ourselves?

Ways and challenges

It sounds a bit like the steep arc of suspense towards the solution of a centuries-old mystery. First let objects and later fly ourselves with the help of sophisticated objects. Have you ever seen a monkey throw? If so, this would be a sensation. Like Prof. Dr. Fischer reported in his readings are proven to throw a human sensation – a clear difference in the genetic evolution to primates. What does this teach us? Man finds ways to explore his enthusiasm and questions and to approach solutions.

An uplifting feeling

Take off in light aircraft, see the home from the top, like a bird on the train to the south. A great feeling and experience too soon. Experienced pilots take you on a journey into a space forever closed to man – the skies.

Javelin throwers have not been hunting for a long time, we throw for the experience, the athletic competition. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of flying. As soon as a good litter leaves the hand, a loud murmur goes around and amazes. People are taken by human powered aircraft and marvel at the trajectory. Like the toddler from the car, the flying pigeons in the square.

The question of why

Before the experience of the flight is hard work. Experience, development, technical understanding. The designers and developers at Flight Design and Rotorvox are extremely well trained, nothing can go wrong. After all, people go on a journey and want to be able to rely on the technology in their gyrocopter or plane. And it goes even further. Let’s think about the story of Handiflight around the world. 2 pilots who can sit in a wheelchair using Flight Design machines that have been rebuilt so that they can be flown by them despite disability.

In javelin throwing the question arises who relies on whom? The launcher on the spear, in the elite area certainly, this is about top performance and widths. Maximum efficiency is required, just as with the Eisenacher aircraft. But what about the beginner? The aircraft must match “user”, very clearly. If the spear is too stiff, at first it will not do anything with the optimal flight, the spear is soft, it may vibrate and lose its range.

Handling the forces

The beginner with little experience of throwing has difficulty sending the spear on a majestic trajectory. Angle, speed and momentum have to fit. There are no instruments and flight assistance systems that help to fly as well as a modern airplane or helicopter.

When I work with young throwers, I like to ask why. Why something flies is essential knowledge. Boost, speed and the fight against gravity. There are many factors coming together. In order to get better and better, I am always looking forward to the exchange with flying enthusiasts. Researchers and thinkers. The aircraft we use today are not yet the end of development or occupation with the subject fly.

On and on

Innovation is fun but also work. You have to want progress to risk new things. Similar to the Eisenacher developers I work closely on the material. The material carbon unites me with the team of Flight Design and leaves a lot of room for development. New materials and structures are creating new opportunities, also within the framework of existing regulations. Spears, despite their simple appearance, have not yet reached the end of their development and I am pleased to help shape this process of making the dream of flying a little bit easier and share it with you.

Thoma Röhler wirft den Speer iim Trainingslager in Südafrika

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