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Leaving a lasting mark – Election to the European Athletics Athletes’ Commission

Thomas Röhler European Athletics
In the Athletes’ Commission of the European Athletics Federation for more co-determination of athletes. “The European Championships have proven once again that athletics can inspire great enthusiasm in Europe”
  • What motivates you to get involved with European Athletics?
Especially in socially dynamic times, in my view, athletes need to actively cooperate in order to adapt existing association structures to the developments of younger generations in particular. The European Championships have once again proven that athletics can inspire great enthusiasm in Europe, but the emotional experiences of the last few days should not hide the fact that the associations have homework to do. As the athletes’ spokesman in the team, I am pleased to be able to actively and structurally intervene in the development process of our sport. In addition to public discussion, I consider active participation in decision-making processes by athletes, business and the media to be the key to a successful future for Olympic sports.
  • What is your goal and what do you want to achieve?
In short, I wish that in 5 to 10 years, children and young people will still be able to pursue the dream of an Olympic medal in athletics with joy and a secure perspective in terms of recognition and funding. With my work I hope to make a small contribution to a healthy pursuit of performance through sport in our young society. Personally, I don’t think a society without role models in sport is desirable.
  • Will Thomas Röhler also work for World Athletics?
The experience of my work at World Athletics, for which I was allowed to act in a similar field from 2018 – 2022, will definitely help on the European level. I will not be active for WA, since my mandate normally ends after 4 years. I am pleased that European Athletics is getting even closer to the home market of Europe / Germany. A close exchange with DLV athletes’ representative Nadine Hildebrand is definitely being considered in order to make valuable impulses effective in Germany as well.
  • Is Thomas Röhler still active at all, or will he only be involved in sports politics?
Anyone who follows my daily sporting life on social media will know that Thomas Röhler definitely continues to pursue active sporting goals. Despite setbacks due to injury, I remain firmly committed to Paris 2024 and possibly beyond. Training progress motivates every day, but it must be said that the ongoing comeback phase is definitely one of the biggest mental and physical challenges of my sports career and is it always worth the proverbial extra mile to leave a lasting mark through your own actions in and next to the stadiums of this world. https://www.european-athletics.com/news/athletes-committee-for-2022-26-elected-at-munich-2022-european-athletics-championships

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